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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Department of Foreign Languages at McDaniel College invites you, your students, and anyone who is interested to attend the this year's German-American Day. In 2010, the German Federal Foreign Office started an initiative to strengthen the study and teaching of German world wide. We would like to join this initiative and therefore, we have chosen as this year's theme: "Got Deutsch? German in the 21st Century." Many workshops on various aspects of the langauge and culture of German-speaking countries will be offered by McDaniel College professors and advanced German students, professors from other colleges, high school teachers, and other professionals from the community, the German and Austrian embassies. Click here ยป to read the story on McDaniel's website.

Film on GAD 2007 on Channel 11 News: October 16th, 2007

2010 T-shirt design by:
Barbara Fisher
Severna Park HS
Teacher: Mrs. Elke Rogers
Click on image to enlarge.

Click here to see the designs of the winners for 2nd and 3rd place.