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German Studies
Department of Foreign Languages
Why Study German
A decision to select German as your major or minor field will:
  • enable you to communicate with 200 million speakers of German worldwide;
  • prepare you to teach German at the secondary level, if you complete the necessary education
  • courses and earn your teaching certificate;
    prepare you for graduate study in interesting fields such as art history, film studies, foreign service, music, political science, and other academic programs;
  • qualify you to be a strong applicant in competitions for international scholarships for graduate study;
  • give you an edge over other candidates in the corporate world;
  • open doors to internships with international and global corporations;
  • prepare you for interesting jobs at various governmental agencies such as the National Security Agency and the Department of State;
  • give you credibility as a candidate for employment with “think tanks” and non-profit international organizations;
  • enhance your awareness of the European Union and its role in defining the future of the world;
  • develop you into a more sophisticated person with greater understanding of cultural differences;
  • provide you with lifelong opportunities for subsidized travel to other countries.

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