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For more information about the German program contact:
Dr. Mohamed Esa

Office: BMC 109
Phone: 410-857-2460
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German Studies
Department of Foreign Languages
Departmental Honors in Foreign Languages

Deparmental Honors are recognized at graduation, recorded on the students' permanent records (diploma and transcript), and mentioned during the graduation ceremony.

To receive departmental honors in French, German or Spanish, students must

  • Have a grade point average of 3.4 in the major.
  • Be recommended by the Department of Foreign Languages,
  • Engage in an independent study, submit an essay in the target language (30 page paper) or a translation from the target language into the English (minimum 50 page output), and earn an A.

(If the student were not to receive an A, the student receives credits for the independent studies project, but does not receive honors).

This option is also available to those students with dual majors, double majors or student-designed majors.

It is recommended that interested students make an appointment with a professor in the Department during their junior year to discuss their options.

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