Jan L. Granger

Standard One   Use of Information and Ideas

I. Efficient & Ethical Information-Seeking Behavior       II. Literacy & Reading       III. Access to Information      IV. Stimulating Learning Environment 

As a school media specialist, I will model for my students effective strategies to locate and use information.  Issues of copyright and plagiarism will be addressed on an on-going basis, as will the consequences for these actions.  It will be my job as media specialist to select appropriate materials for my school community, and to promote reading and provide access to further knowledge.  I will plan my schedule with my fellow teachers and their students' needs in mind, having flexibility in my planning and teaching sessions.  My media center will be a comfortable place for all to visit, learn, read, grow and acquire knowledge.          

Please follow one of the numbered links above to see my artifacts and reflections on the components of Standard One.  


Updated 5/3/2004 J. Granger