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This portfolio contains a sampling of the work I have done over throughout my time at McDaniel College. Reflection statements accompany the artifacts in order to better help viewers understand how each artifact satisfies the requiements set forth by the American Association of School Libraries.



My mission is to empower students and staff to become effective users of ideas and information, to evolve as life long learners, and to foster a love of reading. The library media center is the central source of information and inspiration in the school, the knowledge hub, if you will. A quality Library Media Program strives to provide the necessary instruction to empower students and staff to become effective users of ideas and information. It gives supportive and equal access to a variety of quality resources for our entire learning community. This mission is carried out by providing an intellectually free and welcoming environment that is physically attractive, as well as well maintained and  run by highly qualified staff. Ideally, when students leave to continue their education elsewhere, the Library Media Program will have aided them in becoming active and creative locators, and users of information to solve problems, to formulate ideas, and to satisfy their own curiosity.


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