Jan L. Granger

Standard Three   Collaboration and Leadership

I. Connection with the Library Community        II. Instructional Partner        III. Educational Leader

As a media assistant, I am aware of several means of communicating with my peers, including via email, attending workshops and trainings, and participating in regular cluster meetings.  During my time as an assistant, I have taken on many interests, my favorite being my becoming an expert in the automated circulation system, Spectrum.  I spent an entire summer writing and testing procedures for a new version of this software which I later installed in a number of schools around the county.  In addition, I trained the media staff on how to use the features of the new program, and taught media specialists whose schools had gone through a technology modernization about switching from the Macintosh to the Windows version of the software.  I presented workshops at the Media Staff All County meeting in 2002 for staff to learn the new features of Spectrum 5.1, and I have trained numerous staff on inventory procedures for both Spectrum and Winnebago during the school years 1999-2002.

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