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Library Links


Library Sites

Elkridge Elementary School Public Access Catalog - This link provides access to the school library electronic catalog. Check here to see if a book you want is available and then come into the media center and check it out.
Kathy Shrock's Guide to Educators - This site provides links for educators to various sites for professional growth and curriculum related lessons.
Librarians Information Online Network (LION) - This site provides links to sites of interest to researchers and librarians.
Picturing Books - Picturing Books is a non-profit website about picture books. Information about many well-known and well-loved picture books is available. The database function is still under construction.
Library of Congress - This is the website for our nation's library. A great research site.
Cleaveland Museaum of Art - Educational and research site set up by the Cleveland Museum of Art.
Internet Public Library - Access books, magazines, and newpapers available through this site. http://www.ipl.org/div/reading/
Howard County Public Library - This is the website for our county library. Use this link to locate books we don't own in our library. This is also a great research resource.
deweysearch - Research site. Search by keyword or dewey decimal number.
Just for Kids - Search for books by age and alphabetical order of title. Synopsis of book included.
Powell's Books- Kid's Books - Search for books by title or category.

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Search Engines for Kids

Ask Jeeves - Very easy to use - just type in your question and go! Also links to reference materials on-line.
KidsClick - Search by keyword or subject. Safe search site.
AOL Kids Only Search - Search by keyword or category. Safe search site.
CyberSleuth Kids - Search by keyword or category.

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World Almanac for Kids Online - Companion to the hardcover book. Look up facts quickly and easily.
InfoPlease - Search for facts in multiple categories.

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American Heritage Dictionary 
OneLook Dictionary Look-up
Merriam-Webster Online
Newbury House Online Dictionary

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Columbia Encyclopedia
Grolier Online
World Book Encyclopedia

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Language Arts

Virtual Field Trips

Poetry Field Trip
Children's Illustrators Field Trip
Titanic, Death of a Dream

Fun LA Sites

Magnetic Poetry
Language Games
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Prime Numbers - This is a web quest site to help students understand the Sieve of Eratosthenes.
Freeware Math Page – Links page to other math pages. Activities can be downloaded.
Teacher Resource Download Page– Mostly on-line flash card practice. Other features include money tutorial and calculators.
Ole Miss - Brain Teasers– Site contains many problem-solving questions for students to solve. Solutions are not provided. Students may submit their answers to the site if they feel they have correctly answered the question. Names will not be listed for correctly solving past problems. Only correct submissions for the current weekly problem will be listed.
ABC Teach - Math – Print out worksheets related to multiple math topics.
Math Lab – Tutorials in the areas of algebraic thinking, geometry, probability, and data analysis.
AAA Math – Interactive math site on multiple math skill. Tutorial accompanies skill practice.
Interactive - Interactive elementary math site – students can play against each other on many skills.
Internet4Classrooms – Links page to other interactive math pages.
Math Forum at Drexel – Home page for math concepts and skills. All skill levels are addressed. Many lessons created by classroom teachers.
Awesome Library – Links page. Links to interactive math sites, lesson plans, and worksheets to download.
Memphis Schools – Created by the Memphis, Tennessee, school system. Links page.
The Academy – Site run by Johns Hopkins University. Interactive games, lesson plans, Maryland math standards, and web quests.
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Web Quests
The Three Little Pigs and the Vegetarian Wolf – Web quest for students in grades 2 & 3. Data analysis and graphing.
Addition w/Expanded Form – Web Quest to teach students how to add large numbers using expanded form.
Problem Solving Web Quest – Takes students through the many different processes to solving real life word problems.
"Famouse" Mathematicians – Students use a mouse character to portray the famous mathematician they have researched.
Teacher Resource – Links page for elementary web quests.
Elementary Math Web Quest Links
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Volcano Web Dropin – This is an activity page for volcanoes. Students, using the World Book On-Line, define different scientific vocabulary relating to volcanoes. Contains links to volcano virtual field trips.
Science Website and Virtual Field Trip Links
The Rocky Road to Modern Paleontology and Biology– This site contains historical background of these two disciplines, scientists who advanced knowledge, timelines, and mistakes in knowledge made along the way to the present.
Fierce Creatures – Take a virtual field trip to study some fierce creatures you already may recognize and some you may never have heard of before. Teacher lesson plans included with site.
Getting Green – Find out what you can do to help save the planet. Examine pollution, global warming, and recycling. Teacher lesson plans included on the site.
Meet Sue – The Chicago Museum of Natural History features an exhibit of the most complete T-Rex ever recovered – Sue. Find out vital statistics about Sue and pictures of this creature of the prehistoric world.
Smithsonian Institution On-Line – Search for topics of interest on the SI website.
BrainPOP - Science – Animated lessons on various science topics. Total access to the site requires a membership, but the videos may be watched without membership.
Chesapeake Bay – Learn about the largest estuary in the world and a Maryland natural treasure as you explore this site.
Ninigret Salt Pon – Take a trip to Rhode Island’s Ninigret Salt Pond. Look at the wildlife that make their homes here. Find out what types of plants live near the pond. Seine the pond to find aquatic creatures.
NASA - Jet Propulsion Labratory – This is the main page. Click on simulator to examine the planets as they are seen from many different places in the solar system.
Virtual Solar System – Read about each of the planets of our solar system, take a quiz, or virtually fly through the solar system.
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Fun Sites
Franklin Institute On-Line – Explore science on-line through Philadelphia’s Franklin Institute website. Many topics in science are available for experimentation or as articles.
Lawrence Hall Science – Interactive website for those interested in science. Build a fish, learn about acids and bases, and other science experiments.
Sandlot Science – Have fun exploring optical illusions. Very cool!
Yucky.com – Find out why you get the hiccups, pimples, and many other gross things our bodies do. Ask Wendell the Worm your gross questions. Play yucky games and quizzes.
Edible Experiments – Yahooligan’s links page to edible experiments you can do. Make a solar oven, bread, and conduct other experiments with food.
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Web Quests
Solar System – Learn about the solar system and write a science fictions story about it.
Electricity and Magnetism – Learn about electricity and magnetism through this webquest.
A Visitors Guide to the Solar System – Learn about the solar system and send home and e-card.
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