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Useful Information and Rules for AHS Media Center


Checkout Procedures at AHS Media Center
Materials may be checked out for a period of three weeks and renewed for two weeks at a time.
Reference books may be checked out overnight, from after school to before school the next day.
Students may check out books during class visits or visits on their own.
Ten items may be checked out a time.


Hours and Services

The Anywhere High School Media Center is open to all users by 6:45 A.M. and remains open
until 3:30 P.M. with few exceptions. (Check the front door for details.) Students can use the Media
Center during lunch, but must obtain a lunch pass before school and must sign in at the Circulation
Desk. Classes that are scheduled in the Media Center and in the Media Computer Lab have
priority use of the computers and other resources.

Anywhere High School Media Center has over 18,000 books, over 2,500 AV Materials, and
eight online subscription databases to offer for your use. Please use the Online Catalog, the Media
Center Map
, and Ms. Zellner for help finding what you need.


The Mission of The AHS Media Center

Anywhere High School Media Center prepares learners who enthusiastically, effectively,
and ethically participate in the creation and exchange of ideas in all arenas of their lives.


Ms. Zellner's Vision for The AHS Media Center
The AHS Library Media Program enhances and promotes the goals and objectives of the
Who Knows County School System and Anywhere High School through a student-centered
Library Media Center staffed with professionals who seek to collaborate with all members of
the learning community to analyze learning and information needs and to develop policies, practices,
and curricula which guide learners toward effective, ethical information transactions. The sizeable
collection of print, non-print, and electronic information sources continually grows and changes,
based on the curricular needs and interests of the learning community.

The media specialists and teachers plan collaboratively, designing authentic learning tasks that
integrate subject-area skills with information and communication abilities such as: "location,
evaluation, and use of resources," "understanding and communication of information," and "creation and
application of new knowledge." ______________________________________________________________________________

The technology available in the AHS Library Media Center provides
learners with a variety of means for accessing, analyzing, organizing, and presenting information.
The media specialists model ethical, efficient use of these technologies in their interactions with
students, teachers, administrators, and the broader learning community.

The media specialists do not restrict use of materials by members of the learning community
based on the age of the learner or the personal preference of the specialist. The media staff respects the borrowers' rights to access information and to privacy, working to uphold both by resisting censorship
and keeping lists of borrowed materials confidential.

Such facilities, materials, ideas, and practices combine to make the
AHS Library Media Program a vital part of the education program at Anywhere High School.

** Much of the wording in the vision is taken directly from pages 4 & 5 of
Information Power: Building Partnerships for Learning
. Chicago: ALA, 1998.


Statement on Intellectual Freedom and Access

As a Library Media Professional, Ms. Zellner works to uphold the rights to Intellectual Freedom and
Access due to all AHS Media Center users. This means that all Media Center users have access to
all information contained therein and that privacy regarding use of materials will be upheld. At no point
will Media Center users have their rights to information abridged or restricted. Censorship, the attempt
to prevent particular information from reaching users, will not be practiced or in the AHS Media Center.


Selection Criteria

The selection criteria used to evaluate materials comes from the Who Knows County School Board.
Please follow the link to read it.


Meet Ms. Zellner

Hello! I am Ms. Zellner, and I hope that you'll come introduce yourself to me. I have a goal of trying to get to know every person at AHS, and you can help me with that by saying hello. Even better, come ask me for help! I love helping people; that's why I became a Media Specialist. So, please, don't hesitate to ask questions about anything and everything in the AHS Media Center. I will do my best to give you the answers or find them if I don't know myself. This is a place of learning, and that means, sometimes, we'll be learning together. I know I'll learn a great deal from everyone at AHS this year, since it is my first.

Because I'm new, perhaps I should tell you a little bit about myself. I love people, books, and computers, which should be obvious, but I also love plants, playing sports, and music. I came to Anywhere High School in 2006 after completing my Media Specialist training at McDaniel College. Prior to that, I taught High School English for three years in Howard County where I began my career after finishing my Teacher training at Wake Forest University in North Carolina. For my undergraduate degree, I studied at Denison University with a major in English and a minor in theatre. Growing up in northwest Ohio, I come from a small farming community where I was involved in athletics and music programs as a teenager. I am from a family of five and miss my mom, dad, sister, and brother very much. Still, I love Maryland and am very excited to be here with you!

Ms. Zellner at the Circulation Desk
Ms. Zellner awaits you!

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