Paula Sandridge
LS521 SP02
Elective Activity

Virtual Fieldtrip to Outer Space

Welcome to outer space, virtually speaking, of course. This field trip will take you on a trip around our solar system, where you will see many celestial objects, like the sun, moon, and stars, and also learn about the planets in our solar system.  You will be able to build your own model of the solar system to scale, and also preview the constellations found in your own backyard on any given night.  Sit back, and prepare to journey to the stars .........

Passengers on this trip will need Macromedia Flash Player installed on their computer.

Our first stop is to learn about the solar system.
*Cool tip: click and drag your mouse on the solar system model to enable different perspective views.
3D Solar System
Did you enjoy the trip? Next, we'll take an up close and personal look at each planet, and view information about each. From this site, go to Shockwave Solar System Tour.

Now that you have viewed the planets and other celestial objects, you may enjoy creating your own solar system either independently or as a group using the resources from Exploratorium. This site will allow you to enter the diameter of a sphere to use as the sun; a basketball, for example; and will then determine how large your other 'planets' should be to build the solar system to scale.
Are you interested in star gazing at home?  Visit Cosmiverse again and enter your state and city to find out how the sky in your area will look tonight. Also includes the names and outlines of the visible constellations.

For more on astronomy information, kid-friendly activites, and teacher resources, visit NASAKids.

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