German-American Day 2008 at McDaniel College Back to GAD
October 14, 2008

Group 1: 60 minute workshops for those schools which must leave shortley after lunch
1. The ABCs of Portrait Drawing - Hands On Ms. Katya Mychajlyshyn, McDaniel College
2. Scherenschnitte: The Art of Paper Cutting Silhouettes Ms. Kathy Gearhart & Ms. Juliska Slota, Severna Park HS
3. Lost in Translation: The Music of Rammstein, Tokio Hotel und Xavier Naidoo Ms. Emily Kinnaman & Ms. Olivia Sykes, Students at McDaniel College

4. A Trip of a Lifetime: From Berlin and Prague to Budapest and Vienna to Munich and Heidelberg

Ms. Theresa Stromberg, Mr. Robert Holthause and Mr. Robert Holt, Students at McDaniel College
5. Germany Today Ms. Elke Wienkamp, German Embassy & Ms. Jennifer Clardy, German Information Center
6. Austria in the European Union Dr. Wolfgang Renezeder, Austrian Embassy
7. 400 Years of Swiss Immigration to America with hand-on craft project: painting traditional designs on wooden spoons with a mini introduction to folkloric art from Switzerland to America.

Ms. Daniela Stoffel Delprete, Head of Cultural Affairs, Swiss Embassy  
Ms. Christine Washington, Deputy Head of Cultural Affairs, Swiss Embassy and

Ms. Michele Colburn, Coordinator, Cultural Projects, Swiss Embassy

8. Siegmund Freud and Psychoanalysis
Ms. Annette Budzinski-Luftig, McDaniel College
9. Count Claus Schenck von Stauffenberg and the Attempt on Hitler’s Life on July 20th, 1944. Dr. Armin Mruck, Towson University
10. How I survived the Holocaust Mr. Rubin Sztajer, Baltimore
11. Setting Sail for America: An Illustrated Talk on the History of German Immigration to Maryland Dr. Randall Donaldson, Loyola College
12. The First Germans at Jamestown, VA: 1607-1670 Dr. Gary Grassl, President The German Heritage Society of Greater Washington, D.C.
13. 60th Year Anniversary of the Berlin Airlift Ms. Anke Sharma, German House Director, McDaniel College
14. Passport to Adventure: How to Become a Diplomat (Click on the link to access the U.S. Department of State website ) Mrs. Joanne M. Martin, U.S. Department of State

Group 2: 75-90 minute workshops for those schools which will stay until the end of GAD
A. Germans in America: Into the Promised Land (Click on the link for a short description of workshop.) Mr. Craig Childers, Goethe-Institut Washington
B. German-American Grass Roots Diplomacy, a Student Exchange Program Mr. Buck Lyon-Vaiden, McDonogh School
AlamanckC. The Amish - Who are they? and "Neuer Hagerstauner Calender Stadt und Land" - The Art of almanac science. [Click on image to access the website of the Hagerstown Town & Country Almanack]

Dr. Cathy Bodin, McDaniel College, and Dr. Bill O'Toole, Mt. Saint Mary University

D. The Art of German Bread Making - Hands On Mr. Heinz Luesse, Heinz Bakery, Westminster
E. The Art of Cheese Making Dr. Mary Upman, Howard County School System
F. Make Your Own Marzipan - Hands On Ms. Andrea Shalal-Esa, Westminster
G. Make Your Own Gingerbread Hearts - Hands On Ms. Debra Lemke, McDaniel College
H. Stampin' your Own German Holiday Card - Hands On Ms. Sabine Yeager, Westminster
I. Fantasy Faces - The Art of Face Painting (Click on image to enlarge.) Ms. Sabine Antoniades,
J. German Cinema: From the Weimar Republic into Modern Day (Click on the link for a short description of workshop.)

Ms. Lauren Rizzo, School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), The Johns Hopkins University

K. From Eternal Jew to Eternal Nazi? Germans in America. Dr. Frederick Lubich, Old Dominion University
L. Trio Folk Dances from Germany, Austria and/or Switzerland Drs. Herbert and Carol Traxler,
M. German Folk Dance Mrs. Maria and Mr. Richard Skowronek, Verein Deutscher Trachten
N. The Story of a Holocaust Survivor (Click on the link for a short description of workshop) Ms. Mary Kaye McDonald, Gov. Thomas Johnson HS, Frederick
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