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Web Link Bibliography-

A list of websites that can be used by 3rd grade students to practice skills and gather information based on the Maryland Voluntary State Curriculum and  Anne Arundel County Public Schools Curriculum.  These sites are broken into the areas of Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, and Cross Curriculum.  If used correctly, these sites can help make learning fun and exciting for students of all ability levels!


Journal Article Review-

This is a review of the article titled Next Generation Divide  by Kathleen Vail.  This article examines the access to technology between children of different economic backgrounds.  The article can be found at


Best of Search Engines-

Need to search for some information? 

I researched the best search engines in the categories of:

Find out which of these search engines could work best for you!


Course Module-  Digital Music Online

Check out this module is you would like to learn more about Digital Music options available online.


Web Dropins

Dropin #1- Native American Cultures

Are all Native Americans the same?  Do they live in the same types of houses, eat the same kinds of food, or wear the same types of clothing?  By using this Dropin you can find out the differences between the Native American cultures of the Lakota (Sioux), Iroquois, Muscogee, Tlingit, and Dine Tribes.

Dropin #2- Landforms

We have been focusing on the features of our Earth's surface.  We have explored mountains, hills, plateaus, mesas, valleys, sand dunes, and plains.  This activity will give you a chance to review what you have learned about landforms and show me your understanding. 

Dropin #3- Anne Arundel County, Maryland

We have been spending a lot of time learning about Anne Arundel county and our state of  Maryland.  In this activity you are going to gather some new facts to add to your understanding of these topics.  You will have the opportunity to apply what you have learned by completing a quiz.  You will also be taking a virtual tour of our state capital, Annapolis, which is located in Anne Arundel County!

Dropin #4- Plains Indians vs. Southwest Indians

Native Americans live/lived all over the United States.   In this activity you are going to read about Indians from two different regions, the Plains and the Southwest.  You will be comparing the lifestyles of these Indians to decide which group you would like to belong to if you were given the opportunity.

Dropin #5- Food Guide Pyramid

It is important to eat a well balanced diet daily to help maintain a healthy mind and body.  In this activity you are going to be able to learn about how to make healthy choices by following the Food Guide Pyramid!


Elective Activities

Elective #1


Teacher Made Websites-

Many teachers use the web to support their classroom instruction by creating class websites with links to various web activities and information to guide their students learning.  In this activity, I examined the websites of two elementary teachers, to get an idea of how this could be done in my own classroom. 


Elective #2



A list of ten important things for 3rd grade students to remember when they are using E-mail as a means of communication.


Elective #3


Clip Art-

Looking for a great way to catch your student's attention?  Try adding some clip art to your worksheets and assignments.  In this activity, I have cited six of the best sites on the web to find free clip art. 


Elective #4


E-mail Distribution List-

Setting up an E-mail distribution list is a great way to keep in touch with a group of people while avoiding the hassle of typing in all of their addresses each time you want to send them a message.  I created a distribution list so that I can easily keep in touch with my SLM 521 group members.


Elective #5


Worksheets for Instruction-

Sick of spending all of your time creating quality rubrics, worksheets, puzzles, and activities?  Check out the sites in my Worksheets for Instruction section for some help!


Elective #6


Search Tips-

A list of 8 tips to help 3rd grade students search the web as they gather information to help them with an upcoming Native American Project.


Elective #7


Lesson Plans-

Having problems thinking up creative and meaningful lessons?  Check out these websites for some assistance.  On these sites you will find plenty of ideas and resources to keep your students engaged and make learning fun!


Elective #8


Plagiarism- An Elementary Teacher's Guide to Plagiarism

Do elementary teachers need to worry about plagiarism?  Find out how to define plagiarism for your elementary students.  You will also learn some helpful tips for preventing plagiarism from happening in your classroom.


Elective #9


Fieldtrips- Landform Virtual Fieldtrip

In 3rd grade we are studying landforms.  What better way to learn about the Earth's landforms than to visit them!  Sit back and relax as we travel to Glacier National Park,  Mt. Saint Helens National Volcanic Monument, Grand Mesa National Park, and Pikes Peak.


Elective #10


Online Shopping- Shop in your Underwear!

A guide to shopping online!  Find out about different types of online shopping (Auctions, Comparison Shopping, Gift Giving, Gift Certificates, and Wish Lists) and check out my recommendations.


Elective #11


Games Online-

Read about my experience in the online gaming world.  I visited Yahoo Games at and played games such as Literati and Chinese Checkers.


Elective #12


School Library Media Websites-

A school library is a place that the community should be involved in.  Having a comprehensive website is a great way to get your students and their families interested in what's going on in the library and take advantage of the resources that are available to them.  Designing an up-to-date and informative website will let users know that there is more to the school library than just checking out books.  There are exciting activities, events, and technology resources waiting for them to take advantage of.  Here you will find a list of what components I believe are important to a school Library media website.


Elective #13


Presentations Online-

Here is an online presentation that I have prepared for Back to School Night to give parents information about my 3rd grade classroom. 


Elective #14


Key Pals/E-Pals-

Here you will find a list of 5 ways that you could use Key Pals or E-Pals as a part of your classroom instruction.  All activities are geared towards 3rd grade learners.