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If you are a middle school Language Arts teacher (especially those who teach 7th graders), then this page is for you. We spend so much time it seems creating things that have already been made. Personally, I knew that there were free worksheets and such out there, I just never had the time to sort through it all and filter out the junk to find what I needed. Well, thanks to SLM 521 (a graduate course I am currently taking), I have reviewed many sites offering free worksheets, activities, etc., and this is an annotated list  what I found and considered worthwhile. I hope my grunt work pays off and that this page saves you some time and  makes it easier for you to find exactly what you are looking for.

Name of Site
Description and URL
reading + vocabulary
Reading Comprehension Great MSA and County Assessment style worksheets that parents and teachers can print for free and use with kids to reinforce reading comprehension. Some of the topics covered are making inferences, main idea, vocabulary in context, synonyms, and antonyms. The readings and questions are appropriate for upper elementary school and middle school age students.
boy writing
grammar + writing
English Basics
Free grammar and writing worksheets for parents and teachers to print out and use with children in upper elementary and middle school. Some of the topics covered are complete sentences, nouns, verbs, and analogies.
man and book
teAchnology- Author's Purpose
Worksheets you can print out and use with students when concentrating on identifying and understanding author's purpose.  These are great for introducing this topic and reinforcing it throughout the year.
big smile
Houghton Mifflin Education Place
This site has lots to offer. Check the generic graphic organizers- there are a ton! Also, in the activities section you can search by theme/topic. Once you open the topic you are looking for you can find a brief summary of the activity and the grade levels it is reccommended for. Definitely make some time to check out Power Proofreading- your students will love it!
busy bee
There is not a lot here, but there are a few quality activities on reading, writing, vocabulary, and critical thinking.
hand and mouse
This page has briefly annotated links to over 70 Language Arts sites that are middle school approriate. There are a variety of worksheets, online activities, lesson plan archives, and much more. This page is a must see if you teach middle school Language Arts.
LIbrary of Graphic Organizers
24 graphic organizers that you can simply click on and print are found on this page.
spelling bee
spelling + vocabulary
Access 20 different spelling and vocabulary units from this one page. You print word lists, word searches, matching activities, and much more. If you are a member then you can even create some of your own lists and such.
This free site allows you to print premade rubrics for project based activities, or you can create your own from scratch. It is easy to use!
girl reading
Reading Practice
Speed reading and cloze reading activities that kids can do online to practice their skills.
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