Resources for Teachers

Instructional Activities, Worksheets, Quizzes, and Puzzles
If you are a middle school Language Arts teacher (especially those who teach 7th graders), this page is for you. I have reviewed many sites offering free worksheets, activities, etc., and this is an annotated list of what I found and considered worthwhile.

Lesson Plans
This page provides links to and brief descriptions of sites that offer tons of great lesson plans. Middle School Language Arts teachers, don't reinvent the wheel- check this page out!

Teacher Files
This site offers resources, ideas, activities, lesson plans and educational clip art for teachers.

Vocational Information Center
Academic resources to facilitate integration with vocational curriculum. These resources include links to: general academic directories, English, language arts and literature, poetry, mathematics, science, history, geography, social studies, inventions and biographies.


Clip Art
Collection of links to web sites where you can download free clip art to use on worksheets, eb pages, and other such creations. This page also includes links to the usage rights information when applicable.


Instructional Technology
The purpose of this web site is to keep you informed of Technology Training Opportunities, provide training resources, and email or phone support to help you use technology in the classroom. Classes are offered at central office and in the schools.


Internet Plagiarism
This site is a resource for teachers to educate them on several things regarding plagiarism nd the internet. Teachers will learn why students do it, how they do it, and ways to help prevent it.

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Last updated on April 26, 2006