7th/8th Grade
Social Studies

Introduction- Here is just a sample of the wide variety of webquests that are useful for 7th grade Medieval World and 8th grade United States social studies classes.  I will update this site with more exciting webquests shortly!! 

7th Grade:
Medieval Society - Investigate what different groups of people were like during the Middle Ages!  Create a monologue from the perspective of a medieval knight, king, queen, etc. Date accessed 11/23/04 http://www.gecdsb.on.ca/sub/schools/elem/southwoo/pitman/medieval%20webquest/index.htm

Understanding Islam - Explore the impact that Islam has on its followers by researching topics such as the Pillars of Islam, influence of geography, key people and more!!  Present what you have discovered about Islam to the class.  Date accessed 11/23/04 http://uts.cc.utexas.edu/~aziz/islamwq/index.html

8th Grade:
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Civil War Personal Journal - Create a journal from the point of view of your choice, making entries about life before, during and after the Civil War.  Date accessed 11/23/04 http://coe.west.asu.edu/students/hcarter/webquest.htm

U.S. Constitution - The Constitution has just been drafted!!  It is your responsibility to create a newspaper to inform your state about this new and important document.  Date accessed 11/23/04 http://www.lesd.k12.az.us/PV/specials/media/conindex.html

Underground Railroad - Meet people, hear stories and explore the history of the famous Underground Railroad!  Create a poem, artwork and perform a play to your class which shows what you have researched.  Date accessed 11/23/04 http://www.geocities.com/resiz1/

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