K. Hannegrefs

SLM 521 – Spring 2005

WebQuests by Topic


Webquests for Psychology


It was not easy finding Psychology WebQuests particularly related to Psychotherapy.  What I was able to find were WebQuests for other Psychology topics.


Psychology Theories



 This webquest gives a psychology student background information on the different theories of psychology.  These theories lay the groundwork for a psychology course.  Students use the theories to explain various topics such as learning and motivation.  These topics are then used to explain human development.  This webquest would have to be modified to be used in a high school psychology class.  It could possibly work in AP Psychology.


Personality Theories



 This is a webquest on personality theories.  This is a chance for students to find out why people do the things they do!  Students are sent looking for information on the various theories of personality.  They then create PowerPoint presentations to share with classmates.  This way you can apply all theories of personality to yourself, family, friends, and maybe strangers!





 This webquest covers the different theories of personality.  Students are expected to review information on five personality theories and complete activities that match the theory.  From this information, students work in groups to prepare a webpage for their given theory of personality.  This would be an interesting webquest for regular and AP Psychology students.



Careers in Psychology



 This webquest will provide psychology students with information on the many careers in psychology.  It will be impressive to students to see the many careers in the field of psychology.  It is amazing how many students you hear say, “I’m thinking about majoring in psychology in college.”  Then when asked what they will do with that degree; many students can’t give you an answer except maybe “to help people.”


Understanding Experimentation in Psychology



 This webquest takes the psychology student through the experimental process.  This lays the foundation for students to understand that Psychology is a science and research is important.  The students not only learn the terms but create an experiment of their own and look at the ethics involved in experimentation.  The one concern I have with this webquest is that the students need to participate in an experiment from a university.  One might consider sending home permission slips for this portion.


Eating Disorders



 This webquest is focused on eating disorders in the middle school.  Students are to create a public service announcement on the effects of an eating disorder.  This would work in Psychology classes as eating disorders can be covered during Motivation and Adolescence units.  Final products could then be shared with local middle schools.


The Science of Psychology



 This webquest is another way for students to understand the experimental process in psychology.  Students are asked to replicate an experiment and then write up the procedure of the experiment.    This is a good way to get students actively involved.  Not only do they have to define/know terms and the steps of an experiment they also get to perform an experiment with classmates.


Dream World



 This webquest is a way for students to analyze dreams.  Almost everyone has wondered if there is symbolism in their dreams.   By looking at specific resources students will discover if our dreams do have meaning, the purpose of our dreams, and other information such as: do people dream in color.  But be careful, some psychologists will not agree that dreams are insight to personality.  Not everyone agrees with Freud’s theories.