Jan L. Granger


All students and staff are invited to use the media center for academic, curricular, and instructional support, as well as for recreational reading of books and periodicals.


The school library media center strives to be an integral part of the school's total instructional program. It is designed to provide support, instruction and materials to all students so that they learn to access, evaluate and use information from a variety of sources.

In order to support our mission, the media staff is prepared to provide the necessary media materials to support the instructional program of the school, and to organize these materials and equipment for ease of use and accessibility.  We strive to foster an atmosphere conducive to learning, and actively promote learning for all students according to their abilities, needs and interests.

Lessons on information retrieval skills are planned and taught jointly by the media specialist and classroom teachers. These lessons are integrated into the curriculum, utilizing the changes in curriculum and developments in technology. Classes receive appropriate instruction before and during research activities.  Students master research skills, which are reinforced during subsequent visits to the media center.

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