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Previous Jan-term Trips by Dr. Esa

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January Term 2013 - IDS 1142
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PowerPoint by Brent Pertusio, a '06 McDaniel graduate,
who was one of the participants in my Jan Term Trip from 2004.

Explore the culture and history of four central European countries: Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary and Austria. The participants will learn about current events and the history of these four countries, especially the history of Germany: during the Nazi time, the fall of the Berlin Wall and the aftermath of German unification.

This trip will offer students the opportunity to visit an important region in Central Europe. They will visit old, and historic German, Czech, Hungarian and Austrian cities such as Berlin, capital of reunified Germany, Heidelberg, Germany's oldest university town; Munich, Bavaria's most important city and the residence of the historic Wittelsbach family. Other stops will include Dachau, Germany's first concentration camp; Vienna, the city of music; Salzburg, the birthplace of the most famous Austrian musician, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Prague, where Mozart first conducted Don Giovanni; and Budapest where McDaniel College has a campus.

For more information please contact:

Dr. Mohamed Esa
Dep. of Foreign Languages
Westminster, MD 21157