Arabic Websites for Startalk-Arabic

Compiled by Mohamed Esa, McDaniel College


Al Hakawati
(Arab Cultural Trust)
Best website in Arabic that includes endless links to various topics that can be used for our purposes: Stories and Tales, Personalities, Geography, Civilizations, Arts & Artists, History & Culture, Environment, Architecture, Religions.

Fun with Arabic

Al Tarab (Music)

Banking System

Games in Arabic (on-line)

Musical Instruments

Arabic Word A Day

Arab Academy (Learn Arabic On-Line)

Islamic Playground Games

A journey through the Arabic Alphabet
Learn the Arabic Alphabet and also about Islamic History (letters in Arabic, history in English)

Arabic Alphabet
(Drag & Drop Game with sound)

Hello World On-Line Games (Arabic) (Chinese)

Syraj (On-Line Bookstore for Arabic materials))

Learn Arabic with WikiBooks

On-Line Tests (Various languages including Arabic and Chinese)