German-American Day 2005 at McDaniel College Back to GAD
October 18, 2005
1. Make Your Own Marzipan Ms. Andrea Shalal-Esa, Westminster
Ms. Silvia Upton
Ms. Sarah Costa
2. Make Your Own Gingerbread Hearts Ms. Katharina Mertens, Berlin, Germany
Dr. Debra Lemke
Ms. Anna Donaldson
3. The Art of Cheese Making With Samples to Taste Dr. Mary Upman, McDaniel College
Ms. Ashley Kretzer
Hill Hall 108
4. Stampin' your Own German Holiday Card Ms.Sabine Yeager, Westminster
Ms. Emily Biondo
BMC 100
5. Scherenschnitte: The Art of Paper Cutting Silhouettes Ms. Kathy Gearhart & Ms. Juliska Slota, Severna Park HS
Ms. Annastasia Zenner
Leidy Room
6. The ABCs of Portrait Drawing Ms. Katja Mychajlyshyn, McDaniel College
Ms. Ebony Porch
7. Germany in the Year 1945 Dr. Armin Mruck, Towson University
Mr. Paul Wu
Lewis Hall 120
8. How I survived the Holocaust Rubin Sztajer, Baltimore
Ms. Michele Smith
Hill Hall 104
9. God, Human Suffering, and the Holocaust Dr. Ira Zepp, McDaniel College
Hill Hall 005
10. Women in the Third Reich Dr. Debra Lemke, McDaniel College
11. Germany: 15 Years after Unification Mr. Thomas Wriessnig, German Embassy
Mr. Rob Holthouse
Lewis Hall 226
12. 50 Years of Austria
Cultural Attaché, Austrian Embassy
13. Switzerland Today Ms. Christine Washington & Ms. Anina Luck, Swiss Embassy
Ms. Carrie Council
Lewis Hall 227
14. Liechtenstein Today Mr. Matthew Keller, Embassy of Liechtenstein
15. C.G. Jung, Sigmund Freud and Psychoanalysis Dr. Paul Mazeroff, McDaniel College
Ms. Laura Hutton
Academic Hall G5
16. Köln am Rhein: Römer, Dom und Heinzelmännchen - An Interactive Workshop Ms. Jutta Baumann, Arlington County PS
Ms. Sarah Brackbill
Lewis 119
17. The STASI: The Notorious Secret Service of Former East Germany Ms. Jody Christophe, River Hill High School
Mr. John Stewart
Academic 300
18. "The Sound of Music" - Myth and Reality Mr. Brent Pertusio, McDaniel College
Mr. Brent Pertusio
Hill Hall 004
19. The Making and Breaking of the Berlin Wall: 1961-1989
Ms. Shirley Santora, Chesapeake HS
Ms. Heather Lawson
Hill Hall 017
20. German-American Grass Roots Diplomacy, a Student Exchange Program Mr. Buck Lyon-Vaiden, McDonogh School
Mr. Jimmy Thompson
Hill Hall 322
21. The Black Forest - A Slide Show Mr. Joachim Sprotte, Staufen, Germany
Mr. Matthew Hugg
Hill Hall 323
22. Munich, the Cultural Heart of Bavaria Dr. Greg Alles, McDaniel College
23. Berlin, the Capital of Unified Germany Ms.Courtney Novotny, Mr. Niklas Troxel McDaniel College
Courtnet and Nick
Hill Hall 221
24. "Mad" King Ludwig Castles - A Slide Show Ms. Sigrid Rodgers, New Windsor
Ms. Emily Wright
Hill Hall 222
25. Study Abroad in German-speaking Countries Ms. Rose Falkner, McDaniel College
26. Careers and Internship Opportunities that use a Knowledge of German
Mr. Phil Upman, Retired Career Specialist
None needed
Hill Hall 014
27. Germany 2006 - Soccer World Championship Mr. Stefan Brunner and Dr. Frank Wagner, Goethe-Institut Washington
Ms. Lauren Esposito
Mr. Joe Potucek
Academic Hall 300
28.  Trio Folk Dances from Austria and Switzerland Drs. Herbert and Carol Traxler,
McDaniel Lounge
29. German Folk Dance  Mrs. Maria and Mr. Richard Skowronek, Verein Deutscher Trachten
Big Baker Chapel
30. German Contemporary Music between Pop and Punk Mr. Arndt Niebisch, Ms. Deborah Mifflin, Johns Hopkins University
Ms. Kara Daly
Hill Hall 110
31. Act a scene from the 3 Penny Opera Mr. Robby Bieschke and Tony Cimino, McDaniel College
32. Deutschvergnügen mit Uwe Kind Mr. Uwe Kind, Kind International, New York City
Mr. Robby Bieschke
Alumni Hall
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