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October 16, 2012
Registration Information and Form
  • Choose only 1 workshop per person from only one group, either Group 1 (workshops 1-7) or Group 2 (workshop A-G). PLEASE DO NOT SIGN UP ANYONE FOR MORE THAN ONE WORKSHOP. Maximum of5students per school per workshop, except for workshop 1. You can put as many as you like.
  • Please type the names of all participants on a separate line on the registration form since students tend to sign instead of writing their names legibly. 
  • Cost: $17, which will cover program, T-shirt and lunch in our student cafeteria and concert.
  • One teacher and one chaperone per school, which will bring at least 20 students to GAD, can attend for free. Schools with less than 20 students will only get one free space. Please write the names of all teachers and chaperones, and include $17 for every additional teacher and/or chaperone.
  • Please tell us how many t-shirts you are ordering and the number for each size. Here are the sizes: S, M, L, or XL. We can order T-shirts in XXL at an additional charge of $4 per shirt. Please include that charge in your calculation. As soon as I receive your registration, I'll send you an invoice. 
  • McDaniel College. 
  • Please request the checks from your institution on time. Some schools need three weeks to process these requests. If unable  to get the checks on time, please bring them with you on October 16.
  • Workshops are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Hurry up with your registration!

Registration deadline is September 25, 2012

Use the TAB button to move from one field to the othert.

Please DON'T hit ENTER or SUBMIT until you have filled out all necessary fields!

Registration Form - Part 1

Name of School:
School Address:
City, State, Zip
Name of Principal:
Teacher's Name and T-shirt Size:
Teacher's Tel #.
School's Fax #:
E-mail: (very important)
Chaperone's Name and T-shirt size:

Registration Form – Part 2

Group 1: Workshops that will last 60 minutes
Workshop #
Name of Students (maximum 8)
Workshop 1
Workshop 2 
Workshop 3
Workshop 4
Workshop 5
Workshop 6
Workshop 7
Group 2: Workshops that will last 75-90 minutes
Workshop A
Workshop B
Workshop C
Workshop D
Workshop E
Workshop  F
Workshop G

Registration Form – Part 3

Number of T-Shirts
Total # of T-Shirts
Total Cost: @ $17 per person
*Please include your own T-shirt and those of all other teachers and chaperones.

Make a copy for your own records and then click on SUBMIT to submit your registration form