German Enrichment Program
at William Winchester Elementary School
Thursdays 3:45-4:45 p.m. in the Media Center

In November 1999, members of the German Club and Suite and Dr. Esa started a very successful afternoon enrichment program at William Winchester Elementary. The Baltimore Sun of December, 24, 1999 reported about it. Click here to read the article. This year, the program will again be coordinated with Dr. Esa at the Department of Foreign Languages. Advanced German students and club members will offer weekly programs through the school year. This program will partially be financed through grants from the German Society of Maryland and local businesses, and some allocation by WMC. For more information, if you want to register your child and/or if you want to help out with the program, please contact Dr. Esa Tel. (410)857-2462 or vial e-mail

Pictures from 2000/2001
Pictures from 1999/2000
Links for kids in German children's pages on the KinderWeb
Kinderspiele from Germany

Schedule 2000

October 26, 2000 First meeting
November 2, 2000    Let's sing German songs
November 9, 2000    Let's build a "sweet" replica of the Berlin Wall
November 16, 2000   Let's make advent calendars
November 30, 2000   Let's make  advent calendars
December 7, 2000    German St. Nicholas Day
December 14, 2000 Let's make cards for the holiday season

Schedule 2001

January 18, 2001
January 25
February 1
February 8
February 15

November 9 The day when the Berlin Wall came down

As you know, the famous Berlin Wall that divided West and East Germany for 28 years, a symbol of the cold war and communist oppression of people in East Germany, came down exactly ten years again on November 9, 1989. We thought that it would be very appropriate to teach the children about this important event in German, European and World history. We will build a wall with the famous Brandenburg gate out of wrapped chocolate or small boxes filled with goodies. All people in attendance will then be invited to take each a piece of this “sweet” wall and show the children how the Berlin Wall actually crumbled down. It was a peaceful and “gentle revolution”. Therefore it fits in this context to have the wall built out of chocolate.

Pictures from 2000/2001

Participants in this year's program
A group picture with Nadja Werner and Matt Booz

Matt Booz teaching the kids some German phrases.

Dr. Esa with returning members of last year's class.

Matt Booz and Nadja Werner, two student volunteers
Participants singing a German song

Kids learning numbers and colors.

Dr. Esa, Matt Booz and returning last year's participants.

Pictures from 1999/2000

Participants in the 2nd half of the enrichment program at William Winchester Elementary school with Julia Wiederholt (back right), director of German Suite, and Caroline Rodgers (left back), a driving force behind the program

Four of the children enrolled in the program

Dr. Esa and five students from William Winchester ES singing the German song "Grün, grün, grün sind alle meine Kleider"  at the Spring Festival at South Carroll HS that was organized by Mrs. Siegrid Rodgers and Mrs. Sue Miller in May 2000

Caroline Rodgers and Julia Wiederholt, the driving force behind the program in 1999/2000

Julia Wiederholt explains some holiday greetings in German

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