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AMTE EMS State Certification Conference - Louisville, KY, July 7-9, 2011 (Supported by the Brookhill Foundation)
Teams from 8 states (Alaska, Colorado, Idaho, Illinois, Missouri, New Jersey, Oregon, Wisconsin) met to explore efforts related to the establishment of elementary mathematics specialist state certification/endorsement. Conference participants met with national leaders of the growing EMS movement and examined the strategic considerations in developing state EMS certification. State teams began the development of action plans for state EMS certification/endorsement using AMTE's Standards for Elementary Mathematics Specialists: A Reference for Teacher Credentialing and Degree Programs.

Mathematics Leadership Program - Education Development Center, Inc. (Newton, MA)

The Mathematics Leadership Program (MLP) provides coordinated professional development experiences for educational leaders with various roles and responsibilities. MLP workshops, retreats, and institutes are designed for teams of teachers, teacher leaders, math specialists, coaches, administrators, staff developers, and teacher educators. Individual programs can be designed to address the needs and interests of [schools/districts].

Mentoring and Coaching Resources for Teacher Leadership - Education Development Center, Inc. (Newton, MA)
This site provides resources for assisting or mentoring a colleague who may be new to teaching, the school, the discipline, or to a change in the practices or curriculum recently instituted by the district, school, or department.


AMTE's Standards for Elementary Mathematics Specialists: A Reference for Teacher Credentialing and Degree Programs (2010)
The Standards outline particular knowledge, skills, and dispositions needed by elementary mathematics specialists (EMS). The Standards were developed and shared with a broad audience including Conference Board of the Mathematical Sciences (CBMS) member associations and individual AMTE members. Feedback from the public review process was considered and used to produce the final document.

Mathematics Coaching/Specialist Resources (MCR) - University of Louisville (Louisville, KY)
The purpose of the Mathematics Coaching/Specialist Resources web page is to provide coaching and mathematics resources along with opportunities for networking for those engaged in instructional coaching in mathematics.


Examining Mathematics Coaching (EMC) Project

Examining Mathematics Coaching (EMC) is a five-year research study investigating the types and depths of knowledge needed by effective instructional coaches in K-8 mathematics classrooms. This partnership-driven project, with funding by the NSF, includes principal researchers at Montana State University at Bozeman, in association with researchers at RMC Research Corporation in Denver.

Instructional Coaching: The Kansas Coaching Project

Drawing from lessons learned during nine years of research on coaching, KU-CRL offers Instructional Coaching Institutes to explore issues and ideas related to this popular and effective form of professional development.

The Mentoring Leadership and Resource Network (MLRN)
The Mentoring Leadership and Resource Network, better known as MLRN, is a grass roots effort started by a few educators and supported, in part as a network of the ASCD. Since 1991 MLRN has grown to become a international initiative. The goals of the network are: (1) to provide an organizational vehicle for a mentoring initiative, (2) to increase the knowledge base and general awareness of best practices in the mentoring and induction of new teachers by providing a variety of forums for those involved in mentoring to share their experiences with others, (3) to promote and provide effective training for new teacher mentors, (4) to establish mentoring of new teachers as the norm in schools, (5) to establish, through mentoring, the norms of collegiality, collaboration and continuous professional development in schools.

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