Graduate Degree Programs for Mathematics Specialists


University of Arizona (Tucson, AZ) - Master of Arts, M.A. Elementary Mathematics Specialist Endorsement
This variation of the Education Strand of the Master of Arts degree in Teaching and Teacher Education meets the requirements of the Elementary Mathematics Specialist Endorsement granted by the Arizona Department of Education for teachers who are currently certified in elementary education or special education. Students take the 9 units of college and major core courses required of all TTE majors. The 18 units of mathematics and mathematics education courses required for the endorsement are part of the supporting coursework for the degree. See also the Secondary (Middle/High School) Math Specialist in Teacher Mentoring Program.

Mesa Community College (Mesa, AZ) - Math Specialist Endorsement (K-8)
This program is designed for Elementary or Special Education certified teachers to teach math up to grade 8. Required Course (3 credits): EDU249 Methods & Curriculum Development for Math, plus 15 credits of Math Elective Courses. Other requirement include: passing the Arizona Educator Proficiency Exam (AEPA) and Middle Grades Mathematics subject knowledge test.

Rio Salado College (Online) (Tempe, AZ) - K-8 Math Specialist Endorsement
If you have a degree from another state and would like to become certified in Arizona, Rio Salado College has courses that can help you meet Arizona Standard Elementary, Secondary, and Special Education certification requirements, including the attainment of a math specialist endorsement.


San Diego State University (San Diego, CA) - The Mathematics Specialist Certification Program
The SDSU Elementary Mathematics Specialist Certificate Program is a two-year program designed specifically for elementary school teachers. The PDC offers two programs: the Mathematics Specialist Certificate Program (MSCP) for Upper Elementary (4-6) grade level teachers and the Primary Mathematics Specialist Certificate Program (PMSCP) for Primary (K-3) grade level teachers.


University of Georgia (Athens, GA) - Elementary and Middle School Advanced Mathematics Teaching Specialist
The University of Georgia Department of Mathematics and Science Education offers MEd and EdS degrees for practicing elementary and middle school teachers at the Griffin campus. The overall purpose of the degree programs is to provide a discipline-focused program of graduate study to prepare advanced mathematics teaching specialists at the elementary and middle school levels. Click here for specific admission requirements.

Illinois (Chicago Public Schools)

DePaul University (Chicago, IL) - CPS K-5 Math Specialist
DePaul's School of Education offers a sequence of four courses for practicing teachers who have a K-9 elementary teaching certificate and who plan to teach mathematics in grades K through 5. The program will enable participants to complete all requirements for a CPS K - 5 mathematics specialization, and it will enhance their ability to teach mathematics to children. Teachers who aim to become leaders in the reform of mathematics education may include these courses in a Master's degree program in Curriculum Studies.

National-Louis University (Chicago, IL) - Grades K-5 Mathematics & Science Certification Enhancement Program
The NLU Grades K-5 mathematics specialization program path is designed for certified teachers who want to broaden their expertise in mathematics teaching. Teachers will examine the latest methods for teaching mathematics using the best current research and practice. They will analyze curricular programs to make sure that the most important mathematical topics and problem solving processes are thoroughly addressed. They will build up their own knowledge of critical concepts in mathematics to be better able to differentiate instruction, modify lessons, and extend student learning in challenging ways.


McDaniel College (Westminster, MD) - Elementary Mathematics Instructional Leader Program

The Elementary Mathematics Instructional Leader (EMIL) Program is a specific option within McDaniel's graduate Elementary Education Program. The course sequence does not lead to initial teacher certification. EMIL courses are designed for certified elementary or early childhood educators who seek positions as mathematics instructional leaders and math specialist teachers at the elementary school level. The program was created through the Elementary Mathematics Specialists and Teacher Leaders Project (EMS&TL) supported by The Brookhill Foundation.

University of Maryland, Baltimore County (Baltimore, MD) - Master of Arts in Education with a Concentration in K-8 Mathematics Instructional Leadership
The Howard County Public School System (Ellicott City, MD) has partnered with UMBC to develop a Master of Arts in Education or graduate certificate program to expand mathematics content knowledge especially in the areas of inquiry pedagogy, culturally responsive instruction and leadership in mathematics. The MAE with a concentration in Mathematics Instructional Leadership is a graduate degree program designed for practicing teachers who wish to enhance and develop professional practices and content understanding in the field of mathematics. This (second) cohort program is aligned to Maryland's Mathematics Instructional Leader, Grades PreK-6 and 4-9 endorsements (effective: October 4, 2010). The course work includes 18 credits in mathematics education and 18 credits of core education/leadership courses.


University of Michigan-Dearborn (Dearborn, MI) - MA in Education with a specialization in Mathematics Education Enhancement and Leadership
This program welcomes teachers who are certified at the elementary or secondary level with a mathematics endorsement, who are interested in becoming more learned in the teaching and learning of mathematics across all levels, K-12, and who may in the future seek mathematics education roles in schools or school districts. The program provides stimulating, collegial, research- and practice-based learning centered on national and state frameworks.

University of Michigan-Flint (Flint, MI) - Mathematics for Elementary Education (EDM)
The vision for the EDM program is that all future K – 8 teachers will: discover that mathematics makes sense and is interesting and valuable; have a profound understanding of foundational mathematics; make effective use of best pedagogical practices following the NCTM Principles & Standards; use the language of mathematics to express mathematical ideas precisely both orally and in writing; become leaders in mathematics education to effect positive change in their communities; and, most importantly, guide children to success with mathematics.

North Carolina

East Carolina University (Greenville, NC) - Elementary School Mathematics Graduate Certificate Program
The Masters of Arts in Education (MAEd) assists teachers in developing their teaching, in working toward National Board Certification, and in becoming a teacher leader. This MAEd in Mathematics is designed for teachers of K-5 mathematics. The MAEd is designed to be completed in three years while the graduate student continues to teach in her or his classroom. It is possible to attend full-time and finish the degree more quickly and we have had some finish in three summers and two academic years. Courses are offered in a variety of means to accommodate busy professionals who live a distance from ECU: on campus (including Saturday classes), off campus, via video network, and over the internet. Following are degree requirements for secondary teachers (Minimum degree requirement is 39 semester hours of credit).

The University of North Caroline at Chapel Hill (Chapel Hill, NC) - UNC Master of Education for Experienced Teachers (M.Ed.) and the Elementary Mathematics Add-on Licensure Program
There are two options for experienced teachers to obtain the North Carolina Elementary School Mathematics Add-On License: 1) Complete the UNC Master of Education for Experienced Teachers (M.Ed.) program with a specialty in elementary mathematics (Elementary teachers who successfully complete the program requirements earn an M.Ed., the recommendation for master’s level licensure in elementary education, and the elementary mathematics add-on license), or 2) Complete the Elementary Mathematics Add-on Licensure program to receive the elementary mathematics add-on license. In either option, the Elementary Mathematics Add-on License program includes six courses totaling 18 graduate credit hours that meet the requirements for the elementary mathematics add-on license and are focused on the mathematical knowledge needed for successful teaching of mathematics at the elementary level.

The University of North Carolina at Charlotte (Charlotte, NC) - Elementary School Mathematics Graduate Certificate Program
The Elementary School Mathematics Graduate Certificate Program is an 18-hour program that meets all of the requirements for the North Carolina Elementary School Mathematics Add-On License. The 18 hours can either be taken as a Graduate Certificate, or can be part of a Master's Degree in Elementary Education. The program has been developed in order to: deepen teachers' and teacher-leaders' knowledge of mathematics content related to the topics in the elementary mathematics curriculum, develop teachers' and teacher-leaders' pedagogies to more effectively teach elementary mathematics learners, and to equip teachers and teacher leaders with leadership skills to be effective leaders of elementary mathematics instruction.

The University of North Carolina at Greensboro (Greensboro, NC) - Master of Teacher Education with a concentration in Elementary Mathematics Education
The Master of Education with a concentration in Elementary Mathematics Education can be taken on a full-time or part-time basis. The 33 hour program is aimed to develop elementary teachers' knowledge as it relates to K-5 learners of mathematics. The program is also oriented toward improving results in teaching practice, as well as gaining critical knowledge, skills, and dispositions, in action research, professional development, leadership, and working successfully with diverse learners in schools.


Ohio State University at Newark (Newark, OH) - P-6 Mathematics Specialist Endorsement
The P-6 Mathematics Specialist Endorsement prepares candidates to serve in leadership roles in schools as classroom coaches, mathematics teacher leaders, curriculum or professional development providers, and more. The endorsement can be attached to early childhood licenses or certificates, middle childhood licenses or certificates, or AYA mathematics licenses or secondary mathematics certificates. Consider the P-6 Mathematics Specialist Endorsement if you are one of those K-12 mathematics teachers interested in redirecting your teaching career toward working with elementary schools and teachers to improve the mathematics learning of students. For more information click here.

South Dakota

Black Hills State University (Spearfish, SD) - MSCI Math Specialist Program
The MSCI Math Specialist plan of study offers core courses online and specialization courses in a site based format. This is a focused plan of study dealing with math instruction at all levels. The MSCI Math Specialist program meets the South Dakota requirements for designation as a Math Specialist.


See TX SBEC's list of Approved Master Mathematics Teacher Preparation Programs


University of Vermont (Burlington, VT) - Vermont Mathematics Initiative (VMI) Masters Degree Program
For each of the three calendar years a teacher is enrolled, the VMI provides four courses, two during the summer and one each semester during the academic year. Each course awards three graduate credits. The two summer courses comprise a “Summer Institute” that runs for two weeks (10 days) at 8 hours per day. The two academic year courses each meet on three Friday-Saturday “VMI weekends” during the fall and spring semesters, again for 8 hours each day. Upon satisfactory completion of the three-year program, a teacher will have earned the 36 graduate credits required for the Master's Degree. Click here for the application.


College of William and Mary (Williamsburg, VA) - Math Specialist (K-8)
A teacher may earn a Masters of Arts in Education as a K-8 Math Specialist through the College of William and Mary program. Satisfactory completion of all program requirements will lead to endorsement as a K-8 Mathematics Specialist through the Virginia Department of Education. A teacher who already has a Masters Degree in a related field may submit
their credentials to the Virginia Department of Education for evaluation after completing the five math courses and three leadership courses required. The William and Mary Mathematics Specialist program is relatively new, their first graduates completed their program in Spring 2009. For any additional information on this program, please contact
Dr. Margie Mason at

George Mason University (Fairfax, VA) - Mathematics Specialist Leader (K-8) Concentration (MSLR)
The 33-credit math specialist leader concentration includes the required course work for state licensure as a K-8 mathematics specialist. Students study mathematics content and mathematics pedagogy in the program. Students who apply for math specialist licensure must have three years of successful teaching experience and a graduate degree. Read program FAQs.

James Madison University (Harrisonburg, VA) - Master of Education in K-8 Mathematics Specialist
The Master of Education program that leads to K-8 Mathematics Specialist endorsement begins Summer 2009. Mathematics Specialists are teacher leaders based in elementary and middle school settings who have strong preparation and background in mathematics and instructional strategies specific to grades K-8 and are prepared to serve in leadership roles. Mathematics specialists serve as resources for professional development for teachers, curriculum development and implementation, and parent and community education.

Longwood University (Farmville, VA) - K-8 Mathematics Curriculum and Instruction Specialist
The K-8 Mathematics Curriculum and Instruction Specialist concentration is designed for the classroom teacher who wants to improve instructional skills as well as expand knowledge and skills in mathematics. Completion of this program may lead to the Postgraduate Professional License and an add-on endorsement as a K-8 Mathematics Specialist.

University of Virginia (Charlottesville, VA) - Math Specialist Program
For those who do not already have a Master's Degree, UVa offers a Math Specialist M.Ed. program. The Mathematics Specialist program at UVa is a 33 credit program leading to an M.Ed. degree in mathematics education. The program will be offered in a cohort model with candidates typically completing the program over three years.

Virginia Commonwealth University (Richmond, VA) - Masters Degree which includes endorsement as a Mathematics Specialist
Virginia Commonwealth University offers a masters' degree program to prepare experienced teachers to serve as Mathematics Specialists in grades k-8. The core program includes five mathematics courses that develop a deep understanding of k-8 mathematics, three education leadership courses that consider effective teaching and coaching, and an externship project. A number of mathematics and education courses designed for Mathematics Specialists are offered as electives to complete the 39 credit program. The program has been developed with support from the National Science Foundation and is offered as a part of the Virginia Mathematics and Science Coalition's Statewide Masters Programs. The program has a robust enrollment, including 45 individuals in different cohorts who are scheduled to complete the program in spring 2013.

Virginia Tech (Blacksburg, VA) - Mathematics Specialist (K-8) Program
The Mathematics Specialist Program at Virginia Tech is designed for in-service teachers in grades K-8. The program is a cohort program made up of 33 hours of coursework focusing on mathematics education leadership and mathematics content specific to grades K-8. The Mathematics Specialist Program leads to a Masters of Education Degree (MAED) or Education Specialist Degree (EdS) in Curriculum and Instruction.

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