World Premier
September 17, 2006
7:00 p.m.
Scott Center Carroll Community College
Westminster, Maryland
Margaret Boudreaux, the producer of the work, will teach an interdisciplinary course at McDaniel College in the spring 2006 exploring many aspects of the project. That course will be taught in cooperation with the Carroll Community College Music Department. The concept of creating a work of art based on a different art form from another, the impact of Einstein’s theories of 20th century society, the process involved in composition and production of a new work, and active participation in rehearsing the new work are some of the activities that will be included.

Collaborating organizations

Chamber Music on the Hill is the main sponsoring organization for this project. Einstein’s Dreams will open the 2006-2007 concert season.
Chorus members will be selected from the membership of choirs at both McDaniel College and Carroll Community College, as well as from the Masterworks Chorale of Carroll County and the Children’s Chorus of Carroll County.

Anyone interested in participating who is not currently involved in these organizations should contact Dr. Margaret Boudreaux.

“Einstein’s Dreams (Its about time)” Biographies

Dr. Margaret Boudreaux is coordinating all preparations for the 2006 production of the new musical work based on Einstein’s Dreams, and she will conduct the performances. Dr. Boudreaux, Professor of Music, is Director of Choral Activities at McDaniel College in Westminster, Maryland. A frequent clinician and guest conductor, Dr. Boudreaux has performed with her choirs at a variety of significant venues and conferences. In June, 2005 she performed with the Carroll Festival Chorus, one of only 35 choirs in the world selected, for the Festival 500: Sharing the Voices International Choral Festival in St. John, Newfoundland. In recent years she has conducted performances at the National Cathedral in Washington DC, at the Kennedy Center, for the Discovery Channel at the MCI Center, at the Meyerhoff Symphony Hall in Baltimore, and for the Festival of Lights at the Mormon Temple Visitor's Center near Kensington, Maryland.

Dr. Boudreaux is an active member of the American Choral Directors Association, the International Federation for Choral Music, and Chorus America, and she has published articles and translations in the journals for all three organizations. She served for several years as the Repertoire and Standards Chair for Ethnic and Multi-Cultural Music for the Maryland/DC chapter of ACDA, and she is currently on the executive board for the Maryland Music Educators Association. She has edited, arranged, and published choral music in a variety of styles ranging from Renaissance and Baroque to folksongs and musical theater. She earned degrees from the University of Arizona in Tucson, the University of Oregon in Eugene, and the University of Colorado in Boulder. She also studied conducting with Helmuth Rilling at the State Conservatory of Music in Frankfurt, Germany, with Donald Neuen at the Eastman School of Music, and with Charlene Archibeque at the University of San Jose.

Lorraine L. Whittlesey conceived the idea to base a new musical work on Einstein’s Dreams, and she will design the libretto and compose the music. Ms. Whittlesey is the founder and artistic director for Private Sector Productions, Ltd. She is a full time “genre-surfing” professional composer who specializes in working with not-for-profit organizations. Her musical residencies include the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore and, as the Yale Gordon artist-in-residence, at McDaniel College in Westminster, MD.

Ms. Whittlesey’s commissioned work has been performed internationally by such groups as the U.S. Naval Choir, the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra and Chorus, Artista recording artists “Naughty by Nature,” and the Morpheus Trio. During her tenure as Music Director for the Long Island Original Music Ensemble (LIOME), sixteen of her original works for small ensembles were premiered at Weill Hall at Carnegie Hall, New York. Ms. Whittlesey has collaborated with a variety of visual artists. With Joyce J. Scott, internationally recognized visual and performance artist, she established the award winning “Ebony & Irony” concert series, established in 1995, which combines original musical and political humor to address current events and issues. She was the keynote speaker for the first symposium at the Johns Hopkins University Digital Media Center. Her topic was titled “From Tubes and Transformers to Chips and Transistors,” a history of electronic and computer music. She has also written music for, and lectured about ancient and unusual instruments for venues which include the Walters Art Museum, the Baltimore Museum of Art, Center Stage. She recently scored the original music for the historic documentary “We are Arabbers,” a history of street merchants in Baltimore and other cities, which is now being screened at a variety of film festivals. She has been a writer/publisher member of ASCAP since 1985.

Einstein’s Dreams (It's about time . . .) is an original multi-media musical work based on the book by Alan Lightman. The book contains several short daydreams the young Einstein might have had when he dozed off during his days as a patents clerk. The dreams contain examples of how time may be experienced.

Composed by Lorraine L. Whittlesey, the musical work sets several of those fantasies to music, featuring four soloists, chamber choir, narrator, winds, percussion, synthesizer and projected visual images of time.

Set to premier September 2006, interdisciplinary activities start in 2005 to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the theory of relativity.

Sponsors: Einstein's Dreams (its about time . . . ) is underwritten by Martin and Kelly Hill, and grants from Target Corporation and the Baker-King Foundation. Activities with the composer are funded in part through Meet the Composer's Creative Connections program.

The Structure of the Work: The piece explores the musical potentials inherent in the concepts of each chapter in the book. For example, in one scene, based on pp. 148-152, pilgrims travel far to visit the ‘Temple of Time.” That section would employ chant together with percussion as the pilgrimage moves forward. In another scene people are divided into two groups: the Nows and the Laters. Laters feel they have all the time in the world, while Nows must get everything done immediately. All scenes will be dominated by a projection of a large clock that will morph into different shapes as the scenes change.

The work is in progress. Currently, these are the sections planned. (Dates refer to sections of the book) For a brief synopsis click on each movement:

I: Prologue
II: Exiles in Time (16 April, 1905)
III: Tempus Fugit: Mountain Time (26 April, 1905)
IV: Instruments of Time (28 April, 1905)
V. The End of Time (8 May, 1905)
VI: Time Stands Still (14 May 1905)
VII: Tempus Incognitum: Book of Life (20 May, 1905)
VIII: Tempus Eternum (9 June, 1905)
IX: Temple of Time (18 June, 1905)
X: Epilogue

(all excerpts copyright 2005 Lorraine L. Whittlesey)


I: Prologue
II: Exiles in Time (16 April, 1905)
III: Tempus Fugit: Mountain Time (26 April, 1905)
IV: Instruments of Time (28 April, 1905)
V. The End of Time (8 May, 1905)
VI: Time Stands Still (14 May 1905)
VII: Tempus Incognitum: Book of Life (20 May, 1905)
VIII: Tempus Eternum (9 June, 1905)
IX: Temple of Time (18 June, 1905)
X: Epilogue

Einstein's Dreams (It's about time...)


2/1 Einstein's Dreams - The Book
  Henry Reiff, Assoc. Dean of Students
2/8 Relativity for Dummies
  Jeff Marx, Physics
2/15 Einstein's Dreams - The Score (Meet the Composer)
  Lorraine L. Whittlesey
2/22 Book and Score - Cascading Creativity
  Margaret Boudreaux, Music
3/1 1905 The Miraculous Year and 20th century science
  James Lightner, Math
4/5 Einstein's Nightmares - Nazi Germany's Brain Drain
  Mohammed Esa, German
4/19 Becoming Einstein
  Joe Cimino, Performance Artist
4/26 The Contradictions of Genius
  Paul Mazeroff, Psychology


Meet the Students from the Interdisciplinary Class:

Tom Cardaro, Tara Coleman, Jacob McCurry, Aria Montgomery, Rachel Wert

For more performances, watch this space!

Baltimore Theatre Project: October 27, 28, 29, 2006

Special Open Rehearsal for School Children - Thursday evening, October 26, 8pm.
 (Check for developing details)





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