I've gotta web page!!

So, yea...I've gotta web page! Wow. I never thought I would ever be here. Tommy, We did it! Whoa!
Ok, I've just got to thank...my wife, I Love you baby! my two little african slaves, Chebo and Gonjo. You two are the best...
And last but not least...
The fans. With out you this would not be possible...
Thank You. Yea!

NAME: Tim Youngblood a.k.a. What, this guy?

FROM: Where would you like me to start? Born in Reno, NV. Currently live in "The Dirty South", Atlanta, GA!
And for most of my life in Orlando, FL. "E-High!"

INTERESTS & STUDIES: I enjoy my free time as much as possible by teaching the blind to shoot.

Our Motto: "The blind can shoot too."
I'm also a student @ College. (Here's the web page to our current school/name) I'm not sure what the name is exactly
becasue they're always changing it. So, I just call it "College".
I'm a Communications major and play football for our team.

Look at me...

...not a bad evening's work.

But, as they always say, "Like father, like son"...

Now you know where I get it from.

You know where it's at...

#1, Period.

Teach told me that I had to create a list so here it goes:
On the page below you'll find:

  1. Trish, mom and yo
  2. Mom, Missy and yo
  3. Missy
  4. Dad and yo
  5. "Tim's Pond"

I've got more pictures.
Georgia State Parks
Oh, yea...I'm in a fraternity, too...