American Detective Fiction    Prior to July 1891

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  Published in
The New York Ledger, February 6, 1869
The Missing Glove

by A Retired Lawyer

  entered the apartment where I was seated, alone.

Her manner and address were sufficiently graceful to arrest courteous attention, though there was a palpable hesitation in her efforts to conceal her identity—or, perhaps, what she deemed any unnecessary details regarding her mission. A thick veil hung over her face, and I had no idea whether she was comely or plain. Young, I quickly felt assured she was, from the tone of her voice and the earnest bearing and subject of her words. And, though I could not but experience an earnest desire to see her features, yet so dignified and reserved was her whole demeanor, and she so plainly wished to avoid being known, or recognized, I did not overstep the barrier she evidently intended, from the outset, to place between us.

“My business with you,” she said, in a low, but earnest tone, “will be very brief, Mr. H. Your legal repute is publicly appreciated. You are in attendance upon the present term of the Criminal Court, I am informed.”
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    The Criminal Term of the Middle County Court had just commenced, and I had my full share of engagements for the month; no less than a dozen cases of greater or minor importance having accumulated upon the docket, in which I had accepted retainers, and which, for various reasons, had been postponed from time to time up to the present Session.

With this complement of prospective business before me, I was really indisposed to engage in any fresh cause. The briefs in the cases mentioned, and upon which I had been pre-engaged, had all been duly prepared with the aid of my senior law-partner, the authorities had been consulted and appropriately noted, and I was ready to leave my office, one morning, on the way to the court room, when a gentle knocking at the door aroused me from a temporary reverie into which I had relapsed.

“Come in,” I said, mechanically, and a youthful female, richly but modestly attired,




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