American Detective Fiction    Prior to July 1891

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  Published in
Strange Stories of a Detective; or, Curiosities of Crime. New York: Dick and Fitzgerald, 1863. 147-54.
The Golden-Haired Wig

by A Retired Member of the Detective Police
[William Russell]


You know that every noted burglar has his own peculiar style of carrying on his operations. By an inspection of the premises it is easy for a detective to tell whether Bandy Bill or Bosky Bob be the artist. In the case I had been inspecting, I was sure that Bandy Bill had been at work.

The burglars had been disturbed while engaged at their work, and made a precipitate retreat, not without carrying off considerable plunder, however. The coachman had fired a large pistol, loaded with swan-shot and slugs, at the retreating burglars; and it was supposed that the charge had taken effect, for traces of blood were distinctly visible on the gravel walk, along which the robbers had hastily retreated.
Bandy Bill was pretty well known to me. He had often been in trouble, and I had frequently been his guardian. You never would have taken him for a desperate burglar. He was a little, active fellow, slightly made, with hair of a . . .


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    YOU remember that very long cold winter of 18—, when the frost continued from October to the end of April?

We got so accustomed to it that we never expected it would change. A good many curious adventures happened to me while that cold weather lasted, some of which I have already related to you. I shall now tell you my adventure with the GOLDEN HAIRED WIG.
It was about the middle of December; the night was dark and stormy, and the cold intense. A dismal storm of sleet and snow was driving on the wind like spiteful mischief; but, notwithstanding the inclemency of the weather, I was braving it out in a horse and chaise on a very long journey. I had been up to Newburg to inspect the traces left by same villains in a daring burglary committed at a rich brewer’s mansion, and having completed my task, was hastening back to the city, where my presence was urgently needed on another affair no less




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