Stories attributed to William Russell

Augustus Temple Alias James Ryder

Antony Warren, Esquire

The Assassin's Track

Ben Bolt

Bigamy and Child Stealing*

Bigamy or Not Bigamy?

Blondel, the Millionaire

Brother and Sister

The Burglar's Hat

Caught at Last*

Caught in his Own Trap

The Chest of Drawers

Circumstantial Evidence*

The Closest Shave of my Life

Coiners and Forgers

The Confidential Clerk

The Conspiracy 

A Dark Chapter

A Detective in the Bud

The Diamond Necklace

The Doctor's Story

The Dramatic Author

The Ebony Box

Edward Drysdale

Ellen Stephenson


Every Man His Own Lawyer

A Felon Hunt

Flint Jackson

The Gambler’s Revenge (An abbreviated version of this story was published as “The Excitement of Gaming.”)

The Gold-Dust Robbery in Barbican*

The Golden-Haired Wig

Guilty or Not Guilty? 

Hanged by the Neck

Helen Forsyth

How Sergeant Barker’s Prisoner Escaped

The Incendiary

Isaac Gortz, the Charcoal Burner*

James Hargrave, the Barrister

Jane Eccles

Jean Baptiste Soult, Cabinet-Maker

La Belle Tambourine

A Lawyer’s Story

The Libertine's Victim

A Life Assurance

Lost Upon Dartmoor

Malvern versus Malvern

Mark Stretton 

The Marked Money

Mary Kingsford 

Miss Waldegrave’s Will*

Moneybags and Son

The Monomaniac 

Monsieur Baudrain’s Niece

Mr. Charles Fodsham

Mr. James Bunce*

Mrs. Witherton 

The Murder of Anthony Louvel, 1794

Murder Under the Microscope

My First Case

My First Trip Across the Atlantic

No. 12 Lowndes Square

One Night in a Gaming-House

The Orphans 

The Partner 

The Prison Mazas

The Pursuit 

The Puzzle

Richard Watson

Reuben Gill ― A Mormon Saint*

Robber’s Revenge (This story was also published under the title “The Revenge.”)

The Robbery at Osborne's Hotel

The Shirt of Mail

Sir William and Lady Deveraux

Strange Stories of a Detective Officer: Intro.

The Stolen Letter: A Lawyer’s Story 

The Temptress

Too Clever by Half

The Torn Glove

The Tragedy in Judd Street, New Road*

The Trap

The Trial for Murder

The Twins

The Two Musicians*

Villainy Outwitted (This story was also published under the title “Legal Metamophoses.”)

The Widow

The Wife's Evidence

The Wrong Burglar

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