Stories by George S. McWatters

$1,250,000, or the Private Mark

About Bogus Lotteries

Among the Sharks

The Borrowed Diamond Ring

Circumstantial Evidence

A Clever Diamond Swindle

Col. Novena, Prince of Confidence Men

The Confidential Clerk

The Cool-blooded Gold Robber

The Counterfeit Money Speculators

The Detective System

Dishonest Clerk and Fatal Slip of Paper

The Emperor’s Broker

Experience of John Spindler, the London Detective , with a Gang of Coiners

Experiences of Mr. Breitenfeld, the Austrian Detective

Extensive Counterfeiting

A False Heir

A Forced Marriage Scheme Defeated

The Gambler’s Wax Finger

A Gang of Bold Robbers in France

The Genealogical Swindlers

The Handsome Egyptian Girl: Mr. Bronson the London Detective’s Experiences in Egypt

Hattie Newberry

Lost in the Streets

Lottery Ticket No. 1710

Mack and the Veteran

The Marked Bills

The Mystery at 89 — Street

Old Mr. Alvord’s Last Will

Payne and the Counterfeiters

The Peculiar Advertisements

The Skeleton

A Smart Young Man

A Sorceress’ Trick

A Spanish Gang of Counterfeiters and Coiners

A Suspected California Murderer

Ten Dollars a Month: A Story of Grief and Joy

The Thousand Dollar Lesson

Twenty-one Years of Illegal Imprisonment

William Roberts and his Forgeries

The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing