Stories by Sylvanus Cobb, Jr.

The Abducted Ward: A Cabman’s Story

An Adventure in Paris

Adventure in a Stage-Coach

Apothecary’s Compound

The Bank Vault

A Camp Adventure

A Case of Larceny

The Colonel’s Will

The Dead Man’s Inn

A Detective Taken In

The Disguised Robber

The Dumb Countersign

Finding a Criminal

The Foot-Light Flash

The Hotel Thief

A Hunt on the Highway

Important Evidence: A Lawyer’s Story

A Juror’s Testimony

A Lawyer’s Story

The Left-Handed Thief

The Mad Philosopher

The Maplewood Mystery

Monomaniac in Court

A Mysterious Burglar

Mysterious Disappearances

Night and Morning

Our Cook’s Revenge

Our Thief’s Account: A Page from a Merchant’s Diary

Our Verdant Juror

Pen-Knife Blade: A Leaf from a Surgeon’s Diary

A Post-Mortem Discovery

Resting Powders

The Resurrectionist

A Scene in a Jury-Room

The Schemer’s Trap

The Scourge of the Highway

The Sheriff’s Story

The Sibyl’s Augury

Sick Robber: and How Tim Cured Him

The Silent Witness

The Smuggler’s Cave

The Trained Horse

The Two-Fingered Assassin

The Two Nephews

Unexpected Evidence