Stories by James Brampton


The collection Leaves from the Note-Book of a New York Detective: The Private Record of J. B. Edited by John B. Williams, M.D. (New York: Dick and Fitzgerald, 1865) consists of stories purportedly written by the fictional character James Brampton. Most (perhaps all) were published previously; many were pirated from Ballous’ Dollar Monthly Magazine.  "The Dean's Watch" is also attribured to John B. Williams, M.D.; however, it is not a Brampton story.

The collection includes these stories:

The Accusing Leaves

An Adventure at an Inn

An Adventure of Italian Brigands

The Artist’s Story

The Bowie Knife Sheath

The Broken Cent

Buried Alive

The Churchyard Adventure

The Club-Foot

The Coiners

The Dean’s Watch

The Defrauded Heir

The Knotted Hankerchief

Magnetic Influence

The Masked Robbers

My First Brief

The Lottery Ticket

Mr. Sterling’s Confession

The Mysterious Advertisement

The Mystery of Darewood Hall

The Night of Peril

The Phantom Face

A Satanic Compact

The Shadow of a Hand

The Silver Pin

Stabbed in the Back

A Story of a Pack of Cards

The Struggle for Life

A Terrible Night in Baltimore

The Walker Street Tragedy