Jewish Heritage in Serock, Poland


The answer to the question posed in the title is both “No” and “Yes”. “No” because currently there are no Jews living in Serock, whereas in 1921 the percentage of Jewish inhabitants was close to 50. “Yes” for a number of reasons. On a beautiful, crisp spring day in 2004, when I and my wife visited the Shtetl where my Zaydeh, Simcha Bunem Orenstein, was born circa 1892, she and I were the signs of Jewish life, even for just a fleetingly few hours. “Yes” because there are records of births, marriages, and deaths in the civil registry offices shown above.  And, “Yes” because there are Jewish tombstones, albeit fragments, arranged in a makeshift memorial near the bank of the Narew River.

If you are connected in any way to Serock (and its environs) and would like to send me photos (of family, town, or memorabilia) for this website, please use the following email address.  Thank you.

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Are there any signs of Jewish life in Serock?