McDaniel College is not a predominately black college and the community in which the campus exists does not have a large minority community. Yet, the choir has brought diversity and Black Gospel Music into the awareness of our school and community like no other college class, performance ensemble or event. The influence on the school is obvious: according to our President, there is no other campus event - not including graduation ceremonies and Homecoming - that attracts the shear numbers of a gospel choir concert.

At the end of each semester, Byrd receives cards, letters and gifts in the mail from students testifying how the choir changed their life. Some of Byrd's favorites include a student that emptied a large vitamin bottle, took of the label and made a label to replace it. "Jesus Vitamins," which are to be taken daily, was a bottle filled with a student's handwritten notes of scripture and encouragement. Another that comes to mind is a student who was in the audience of a gospel choir concert and decided to join the following semester - which helped her overcome a serious addiction.
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