McDaniel College encourages all of its students to get involved in the community and the gospel choir is no exception. Both the choir and some of its individual members have used their musical talents to teach, entertain, and support others throughout their communities.

Over the years the McDaniel College gospel choir has toured surrounding high schools in effort to promote music education. In the winter of 1996, they traveled to Vienna, Austria to take part in the annual Advent Sing Program, in a combined effort to educate people in the multicultural aspects of music.

In Fall of 1997, a single mother in a neighboring town fell victim to racial harassment. When this information became public, the choir decided to donate money earned originally for producing their first CD to this more worthy cause. At the end of the year concert, they presented the woman with a check for $250.

In 1997, the choir was awarded the Carroll County Human Services/Relations Award for their efforts in breaking down racial barriers through the arts.

Annually, the choir takes part in the Rape Crisis Vigil (co-sponsored by McDaniel College, the local Rape Crisis Center and St. John's Church) by singing selections that are meant to assist with emotional, physical and spiritual healing.

The choir proactively seeks to remain involved and a positive influence in the community.

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