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Coral Cantigas is a chamber choir dedicated to making the music of Latin America, Spain and the Caribbean part of the choral repertory of the United States.

Sweet Honey In The Rock is a Grammy Award-winning African American female a cappella ensemble with deep musical roots in the sacred music of the black church - spirituals, hymns, gospel - as well as jazz and blues. The Sweet Honey experience is like no other.

The International Federation for Choral Music was founded in 1982 by the seven main choral organizations of the world: A Coeur Joie International, All-Japan Chorus League, American Choral Directors Association, Arbeitsgemeinschaft Europäischer Chorverbände, Asociación Interamericana de Directores de Coro, Fédération Européenne des Jeunes Chorales, and Nordiska Körkomittén - SAMNAM.

The music of the ancient Celts has been all but lost except for a handful of strange and beautiful fragments. Anúna was founded by the young Dublin composer Michael McGlynn in 1987 to explore and redefine this music,which has been a significant part of Ireland's rich and turbulent history. The haunting sound-world created by Anúna breaks down the barriers between the spiritual and the sacred, the real and the unreal, putting them very firmly at the front of the musical renaissance now coming from the Celtic lands.

Founded in 1959, the American Choral Directors Association (ACDA) is a nonprofit music-education organization whose central purpose is to promote excellence in choral music through performance, composition, publication, research, and teaching. In addition, ACDA strives through arts advocacy to elevate choral music's position in American society.

Common Ground On The Hill is a traditional music and arts organization whose purpose is to offer a quality learning experience with master musicians, artists, writers and crafts people while exploring cultural diversity in search of a "common ground" among ethnic, gender, age and racial groups. The Baltimore Sun has compared Common Ground on the Hill to the Chautauqua and Lyceum movements, precursors to this exciting program.

If you're interested in learning about another McDaniel College choir, check out the website for the McDaniel College Gospel Choir. Celebrating their fifth year on The Hill, the Gospel Choir is a multi-racial, multi-ethnic, multi-faceted group. They hope that the music they sing will help break down the stereotypes posed by the difference between the color of the music and the color of those singing it.

The Madrigal Singers perform standard renaissance repertoire at an exceptional level. In addition to expected pieces, Dr. Margaret Boudreaux often presents the group with fun and challenging world music. Many of these songs demand a large range in each part and an incredible perception of rhythm. The Madrigals perform a diverse variety of non-standard pieces from Sweet Honey in the Rock to Salsa.