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Faculty and Staff

Spencer Hamblen

Associate Professor of Mathematics (2007)
B.A. Amherst College
Ph.D. Cornell University
Interests: number theory, algebra, and Galois theory

Email: shamblen

Italo Simonelli

Professor of Mathematics (2006)
B.A., M.S., Ph.D. Temple University
Interests: probability theory, statistics,
graph theory, combinatorics

Email: isimonelli

Benjamin Steinhurst

Assistant Professor of Mathematics (2013)
B.A. Williams College
Ph.D. University of Connecticut
Interests: Analysis and Mathematical Physics on Fractals,
Stochastic Processes on Fractal Spaces, Heat Kernel Estimates, Functions over Metric Measure Spaces

Email: bsteinhurst

Paul (Chia-en) Lin

Visiting Assistant Professor of Computer Science
B.A. Fu-Jen Catholic Univeristy
Ph.D. University of North Texas
Interests: Performace evaluation approaches to software and systems in design, modeling, and monitoring.

Email: clin

Michelle Gribben

Senior Lecturer in Mathematics (1997)
B.A. McDaniel College
M.S. University of Maryland Baltimore County

Email: mgribben

Carolyn Boner

Director of the Mathematics Placement Program
Lecturer in Mathematics
B.S. Wittenberg University
M.A.T. Indiana University

Email: cboner

Kathy Saghy

Academic Secretary
B.A. McDaniel College

Email: ksaghy


Former Long-Time Faculty

Harry Rosenzweig

Professor of Mathematics (1971 - 2012)
B.S. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
M.S. University of Arizona
Ph.D. University of Virginia
Interests: differential topology, set theory and logic, singularity theory

Died: 2012

Robert Philip Boner

Professor Emeritus of Mathematics (1970 - 2007)
B.A. Rockhurst College
A.M. Indiana University
Ph.D. The University of Notre Dame
Interests: abstract algebra, combinatorics,
graph theory, number theory

Email: rboner

James Edward Lightner

Professor Emeritus of Mathematics (1962 - 1998)
McDaniel College Historian
B.A. McDaniel College
A.M. Northwestern University
Ph.D. The Ohio State University
Interests: geometry, history of mathematics,
mathematics education

Email: jlightne

Jack E. Clark

Professor Emeritus of Mathematics (1978 - 2005)
B.S. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
M.S., Ph.D. Stanford University
Interests: dynamical systems and chaos,
Markov chains, complex analysis;

Email: jclark

Linda Ruth Eshleman

Professor Emeritus of Mathematics and
Computer Science (1969-2005)
B.S. Florida State University
A.M. Bowdoin College
Ph.D. University of Maryland Baltimore County
Interests: applied mathematics, numerical analysis,
programming languages, computational theory;

Email: leshlema

Clyde Allen Spicer

Professor Emeritus of Mathematics (1929-1968)
A.B. University of Richmond
A.M. The Johns Hopkins University
Ph.D. The Johns Hopkins Unjiversity
Interests: modern algebra, mathematics of investment,
problem solving

Died: 1984

William Roberts McDaniel

Professor Emeritus of Mathematics (1885 - 1942)
B.A. McDaniel College
A.M. McDaniel College
Sc.D. McDaniel College (honorary degree)
Vice President
College Namesake

Died: 1942

Note: all email addresses are


Lewis Hall of Science 114, McDaniel College, Westminster, Maryland 21157-4390; Phone: 410-857-2470, Fax: 410-386-4624.