Funding Agencies That Have Supported

Research Students Working with Dr. Smith


DuPont Science and Engineering Educational Aid Grant, 1998 $15,000


National Science Foundation, RUI, 1997-2000 (#CHE-9708166) $168,000

Mono- and bis-Triazene Proteolysis: A Mechanistic Investigation


Janssen Research Foundation, 1996-1997 $16,000

Nonnucleoside Inhibitors of HIV-1 Reverse Transcriptase


National Science Foundation, RUI, 1993-1995 (#CHE-9215925) $129,000

Novel Triazene Cyclizations: The chemistry of haloalkyltriazenes


Camille and Henry Dreyfus Scholar-Fellow Grant, 1993-1995 $60,000

The Preparation and Characterization of 1,3-dialkyltriazenes


National Science Foundation, RUI, 1990-1992 (#CHE-8910890) $120,000

Triazoline Hydrolysis: The chemistry of cyclic triazenes


National Science Foundation, RUI, 1986-1989 (#CHE-8521385) $84,000

3-Substituted-1,3-dialkyltriazenes: Synthesis and Chemistry


William and Flora Hewlett Grant of the Research Corporation, 1986-87 $12,000

Alkylation of DNA by 1,3-Dialkyltriazenes: A new class of biological

alkylating agents


Petroleum Research Fund, 1985-87 (#17134-B4) $15,000

Decomposition of Unsymmetrical dialkyltriazenes: Factors controlling

alkyldiazonium ion formation