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A professional caliber macro forecasting site.  


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On line access to the NYT business pages

See comic strip Dilbert for a chuckle (or scare) pertaining to the work world in your near future.
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For links to government data sources.

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Access data on population, income and lots more or try

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Access data on wages, prices and lots more or

For direct access to data

A service provided by U. of Alabama at Birmingham gives handy access to a variety of time series data or try . . .



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A service provided by U. of Virginia gives access to this Census data or try . . .

Also provided by U. of Virginia

Access Federal Reserve Publications, Data and Services

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A set of programs for the documentation and analysis of survey data including the GSS and Census data.

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Online access to United Nations data base.

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This catalogue for data sources from the University of Michigan.


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  Four Day Week - Thoughts and data about this trend in higher education

The initial report in 2011

The follow up in 2012

State Schools in 2012

Ivy League in 2012

Flagship Schools 2013

Big City State Schools 2014

Engineering Schools 2014

Retention and Graduation Rate Study 2014

The End 2017

Virtual Competiton - calculations and diagrams

Economics and Business Administration Faculty Page