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Next due date =   2/19

Problem List Stat 2216.

  Homework Problems for ASW (10th ed.) and “Clayco”

Daily assignments can be found via the Mcdaniel www page.  Just follow the links to the economics department and then me   (Academics>Econ> Faculty> Claycombe).  You’ll find links there to assignments.

            ASW 3-32, 7-1, 7-9, Clayco 1  (listed below)


ASW 6-19, 6-21, 6-25, 7-15, Clayco 2, 7-25, 7-28(a,b only), 7-30,7-37,7-41


            ASW 8-9, Clayco 3, 8-14, 8-18(Excel)*, 8-20(Excel), 8-21 (SPSS), 8-27, 8-29, 8-35**, 8-43


ASW 9-1, 9-2**, 9-3, 9-6, 9-7, 9-19, 9-21, 9-28, 9-34(SPSS), 9-43, 9-51, 9-53


ASW 14-5, 14-13(SPSS), 14-14(Excel), 14-15, 14-22(SPSS), 14-25, 14-28 (Excel), 14-37(SPSS for basic regression as in # 13, C.I. by hand),
            14-39(Excel), 14-40, 14-41,14-49(Excel),14-53(Excel), Clayco 4 & 5, 


ASW 15-2 (Excel&hand), 15-5 (SPSS), 15-17(Excel or SPSS), 15-25 (Excel), 15-35 (SPSS), 15-36 (SPSS)  15-41 (SPSS) , 15-42 (SPSS)


ASW 16-4(Excel), 16-5(Excel), 16-8 (SPSS, answer to c is wrong), Clayco 6


ASW 10-13 (Excel), 10-15 (SPSS), 10-19, 10-28(SPSS), 10-33

Clayco 7


ASW 13-7 (Excel&hand), 13-10(SPSS), 13-13, 13-18, 13-40(Excel&SPSS),

13-43(Excel&hand), 13-45(SPSS)


ASW 11-5(Excel for a; b & c by hand), 11-11, 11-19(Excel), 11-25(Excel for a,b; c by hand)


ASW 18-16(SPSS and use the curve fit procedure to examine other possible trend shapes: identify the best fit that you find), 18-7, 18-9, 18-11(Excel), 18-24(Excel)


*Problems followed by "(SPSS) or (Excel)" are to be done using that software.  In most cases the data is already prepared and can be found in the Stat2216 folder on any Windows lab machine or Hoover lab windows machine. Most of these data sets are also contained on the CD that comes with ASW.  You can use this disk to load these data onto your own computer, if you have one.   In any case, be sure to type your name into your printout so there will be no confusion about whose work is being printed.  Problems followed by "(SPSS&hand) or (Excel&hand)" are to be done using the software and by hand.  Otherwise the problems are to be done by hand.  You may use the computer to check your hand work, if you wish.  You may also use the Excel spreadsheet to do “hand” calculations.

**Self-test problems and even numbered problems in ASW have answers given in the back of the book.  If you use these, be sure to show enough work behind the answers to substantiate that you are not merely copying what is in the book.