Problems due next class period appear in Red, but I might not have this up to date, so be careful.

Next due date = 12/5

Problem List Stat 2215

Chap 2: 6,20,22,30,31,40,44
Chap 3:2,6,12,20,24(round values to whole numbers) ,30,36,44,46,52,58,60,66,70, 80,82,90,92, 96,100,108
Review: 1,2,9,10,17,19,24,30,32 (You should be able to find the sections of the book that apply to these exercises and work them.If not, you don’t understand the material very well).Bring your answers to class and we’ll see!
Chap 4: 2,10,14,22,26,30,38,42,56,64,72,76,90
Chap 5:4,14,24,32a&b,38,42,50,54,58,66,86,88,90
Chap 6: 2,8,12,14,62,64,68,72,78,80
Chap 7: 2,6,10,12,16,24,30,36,40
Chap 8: 4,6,10,18,20,22,32,36,40
Chap 9:4,8,14,20,26,28
Chap 10:2,6,10,12,14,18,22,26,36,40,42,50,53,56

Chap 9:44,48,54

Chap 11:2,6,8,12,16,20,22,28,32,40
Review120,122,126,128,130,134,136,142,148,150,154 Review for the final
Chap 12:2,6,7,25,26,32,34,36,38
Chap 13:2,6,8,18,22,26,30,47,48
Review162,164,168,176,180,182 Review for the final