Big City State Schools - 2014
    Having finished a flagship school in each state, I turned my attention to state/city schools in big cities, since it is in Los Angeles and New York City and Boston where I found the least use of Friday when looking at Ivy League and liberal arts schools.  I started in LA and New York, and found very little use of Friday at most of these schools.  Boston was not so bad, but I only looked at UMass Boston and MIT, since smaller Massachusetts state schools are not in Boston.  I decided to next look at Chicago and found a mixed picture there.  There are a number of smaller state schools in that area and they use Friday more than the worst in LA and NYC but have slid a long way down the path to a 4 day week.  Of interest, the premiere state school in Chicago, U Illinios Chicago, stands out as a defender of the five day week.  Better than any flagship school.  I will try to find out how and why they are this way. The rest of the big city schools may claim that they avoid Friday to reduce commuting time, but if this is the motivation, not a 3 day weekend, then there is a better way to do it.  Instead of MW and TTh classes, they should have MTh and TF classes, leaving W as the off day.  This could be used as the 3 hour class day as F is somewhat now and in any case it would be well positioned before the end of week classes, rather than as part of a three day weekend.
    Packing the class week in from M to Th, trains students to have Friday off and probably leads to lower achievement.  These are not properties that employers are looking for.  It's not surprising that employers favor hiring from flagship schools.  Not only are these schools more selective, they build better work habits with their five day week.