Wells and Septic Systems

Most of the water in Carroll Country which is used for human consumption is obtained from wells. Therefore, the way in which wells are constructed and the state in which the wells are maintained is extremely important. To ensure that your family will have safe and clean water you should follow their guidelines.

If your well does not have one of these well caps:



Then most likely your well will look like this:

Insects, especially earwigs, can carry bacterial contaminants, so caps are a good investment.

Septic Systems:

Another way that wells may be contaminated is from adjoining septic systems, whether your own or your neighbors.

  • Septic systems provide the necessary means of disposing human wastes when no municipal sewage systems are available. However, one must be careful when constructing a septic system for it cannot be placed too close to the area required for the well. Otherwise the septic system may pollute the household water.
  • Refer to the Carroll County Health Department, Bureau of Environmental Health for precise regulations. Many factors go into determining the distances between wells and septic systems, including soil type and the topography of the land. Depending on one's location the requirements may differ.

Compiled from brochures of Carroll County Health Department

David Seydel /Western Maryland College....12/96

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