Water Quality

Created by: Stephanie Price, Elena Tilli, and David Seydel

Have you ever thought about the water you drink?
What else besides H
2O molecules resides in that glass of water ?

Although water supplies in the US are the cleanest and safest in the world, on occasion they may be contaminated resulting in the illness of thousands. Depending upon where and when you get your water there could be protozoa, bacteria, chemicals, pesticides, viruses, as well as fecal matter.

General Water Contaminants (from EPA Office of Water: Is Your Drinking Water Safe? Sept. 1991.)

Carroll County Water Problems

You're probably thinking that these water quality problems unlikely to effect me because I live in rural Carroll County, Maryland and for the great majority of CCountain's this is true! However there are some localized water quality problems in Carroll County just as there are anywhere else !

The main potential water quality problems in the Carroll County area are:

Bacteriological Contaminants as well as

Chemical Contaminants

But don't despair, most of these problems can be fixed. Here's how!


Water Filters

Treatments to Ensure Water Quality

Wells and Septic Systems


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