Plant Tissues

tissue introduction meristematic tissue ground tissue dermal tissue vascular tissue


If you were to design your dream house, what would be the critical considerations? you would need to include not only the materials that make up the building as well as consider energy sources,/ thermal regulation, security, size, light absorption, waste disposal and many more.

Plants also need to consider the same factors before they 'build' their bodily structure.

Let's first list the functional aspects of a plant body, then view the tissues or building blocks that plants use to build their form.


Example to left: photo of dogwood bud encased in ice due to this winter's first ice storm. What physical forces must a plant be designed to withstand?


The primary plant is made up of 4 tissue types:

Tissue type Functional roles
meristematic division of new cells for new growth or repair
ground tissue bulk tissue; storage, processing, physical support
dermal tissue protection and sometimes nutrient absorption
vascular tissue movement of fluids/food and physical support