The Medicinal Value of the Horse Chestnut

There are two ways in which the horse chestnut is thought to be helpful to the body. Both are currently under investigation.

Skin Protectant

The horse chestnut is now thought to posses a chemical which will be a great help to the skin. It is 10 times more potent than Vitamin E in terms of reducing free radicals and 31 times as effective in preventing the lipid breakdown which is the cause of scaly skin. This chemical also helps to preserve the elasticity of the skin and protect the skins own antioxidants from being destroyed. This chemical is called proanthocyanidin A2 (PA2). It is hoped that PA2 will eventually be put into suntan lotions so as to protect against premature aging and skin cancer.


Fighting Against Chronic Venous Insufficiency

A study has found that an extract from the horse chestnut, when given to patients with chronic venous disease has increased the blood flow to those parts of the body affected. It is hoped that with further study this treatment will become widely used. Compression stockings are currently used to treat this disease. Because they are neither convenient nor comfortable, it is hoped that the medicine made from the extract will replace the stockings. The extract reacts to increase blood flow.

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